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Secret Santa 2014 (Assignments sent!)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 11:25 AM

Spread the Holiday Cheer!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Assignment handed out! :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

All assignments have now been handed out! For those that have questions/requests, please give me a few days' time to get back to you on that. ALSO. Please remember that you signed up for an assorted SS where there was no specific requirements for much of anything. Artists of all skills and talents are in this, and pairing everyone up is rather difficult. I tried to make the pairings as fair as possible-- and some of them may have not turned out to be people you wanted at first glance. But please, do try your best on this. :l If there's absolutely nothing you can do on the wish list, let me know and I'll request the wish list be slightly modified. But that being said, please do try your best!


Hello one, hello all, and welcome to my Secret Santa event for 2014! For some of you, this will be the first time you've seen me host one of these, for others, you'll know that I took a hiatus from hosting them last year because of school. School remains ever as busy, but the thought of a Secret Santa-- of giving and sharing selflessly, is what makes me love this event so much. As such, and because I usually only see a lot of invite-only SS's on devART, I'm going to host one this year! Please read the rules and regulations down below, and if you have any questions, feel free to post them on this journal!

:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: What IS a Secret Santa? :bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

To some, this is an age-old idea, to others-- you wonder what the heck I'm talking about. So I'll give it to you straight: A Secret Santa exchange is a lot like normal gift giving, except with art! What happens is, all participants are asked to make a list of what they want for Christmas. As a participant, you'll have two responsibilities: writing that list is the first, and then I will give you someone else's list and your job is to draw something on that list to make them happy! ;D Now this whole thing is secret. You'll be drawing for this person, but they'll have no idea, and that's the point! On a specific date (listed below) you'll submit that gift on devART and then send a note to your Secret Santa. "Surprise!" <3 If all goes well, then all of the gifts SHOULD be submitted on time. And I usually have really helpful, awesome people that are there to hand out extra gifts if someone goes missing in action! 

:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Rules and Regulations :bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

:star: Please favorite this journal if you're interested! It will help me keep better track of the participants when the time comes to match everyone up.

1) Make a wishlist in your journal. Call it something like, "Secret Santa Wishlist"! ...And do not write over that journal. I've had that happen in previous years, and people have gotten really confused ;; So as for what you write on the list.. You write what you want for Christmas! Some people are more open-minded to what mediums they prefer, and yet others want a specific character; either is fine! So you write down that preference in your list :> I have an example listed below, so be sure to look at that for format! If you WANT to, you can add in print wish lists and other things too but this CANNOT be the only thing you want, since your SS is not obligated to buy you anything ;D The point of this event is to CREATE something for your Secret Santa.

2) On that same list, write what you're willing to GIVE. Photography? Literature? Traditional/digital art? Everyone has their preferences, and I try to pair people up as fairly as I can! 

3) When you're done with your wish list, please send it to me through note. I will have a folder in my Note box that allows me to quickly access everyone's wish list, and I will also post them here as they appear! Just copy and paste the link of your wish list into a note, send it to me, and you're good to go! The deadline for this is November 11, exactly a month from now. After that, I will be pairing people up and sending notes a week after, so please be on time! 

4) If all goes well and your wish list is added to this journal, then you will receive a number-- it'll literally be the number in front of your name. I will note you a number via note once I've found a person for you to draw for, and then your job is to draw for the person under that number ;D IMPORTANT: Remember that you are NOT under any circumstances, supposed to tell them that you're drawing for them.

5) Start working on your gift! You're given at least a month to finish it, so remember to pace yourself, and make sure you have enough time. If you've got something incredible planned, then start early ;D Put as much effort as you'd want put into your gift, please! PLEASE do try to have a fully colored, fully drawn picture-- or at least get it as complete as possible! And please. I've had "I'm so busy" excuses every year and REALLY, that does not fly with me. There are circumstances yes, but please don't brush this under the rug because it's not important to you. By signing up, you are giving yourself the responsibility of making this person a gift and finishing it. So above all, please get your gift done on time!

6) I will update this journal constantly with reminders. You'll see them in ( ). As a result, watching this journal is beneficial. You don't have to watch me or my art, but this journal? Highly suggested! Really important reminders will be sent to you via note. PLEASE respond to those notes. If you don't, I have every right to take you off the lists! I give you a good amount of time to respond to these notes ; )

7) From December 23 - 25, you post your gift on devART! You send two notes: one to me so I can post it on the gift journal, and another to your Secret Santa! If you're unsure about how this works, double check with me! If there are any problems with that deadline, please let me know in advance through note! 

:star: If you are in doubt or confused about ANYTHING, please let me know! Don't ask questions last minute, please ;v; That's very important. If you need to send in your gift early, send ME a note and then I'll send it to your SS on the specified week. These things can all be worked out! Just remember to note send anything to your SS early! Below is an example of what I want the wish list to look like! 

:bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletwhite: Wishlist Outline :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletwhite:

1) I want my gift to be...  (This is the medium that your gift is drawn in: A drawing, photography, a piece of literature, etc. You can also specify a print from the shop, but that can only be a second-third option... Don't make it the only thing you want! You can be openminded and accept all of those things too ;') Remember, it's the thought that counts! 

2)In my gift I'd like to see... (Here you list what you want to see in your gift. For example, you might want to see a character of yours, or maybe a specific theme?)

3)Extra Info... (This is where your character references will go. Even if you're asking for a character that's not yours, PLEASE provide references! I don't want your SS having to look around the web!)

4)I will be willing to give...  (This is what YOU are willing to give your SS! This will be used to better pair you up with someone else's preferences. If you're a writer, then limit this to writing, for instance. If you're a visual artist, then talk about the medium of the drawing you can offer!)

:star: MY EXAMPLE :star:
Follow my example if you're unclear! ;D And if you have any questions, ask!

1) I want my gift to be... Anything portraying my characters! A piece of literature or an artwork are preferable! :')

2) In my gift I'd like to see... Any of my "Tales of Tajii" or "A Hero's Tale" characters!

3) Extra Info: Gallery Refs for "Tales of Tajii":… and "A Hero's Tale"… // "Tales of Tajii" drawn by other people:… and "A Hero's Tale" drawn by other people:…

4) I will be willing to give... A drawing or a piece of literature! 

Important Deadlines!

So important it has its own headline :')

November 11: You must hand in your wish list BY this date. This is the first deadline! I will accept wish lists starting from today, but won't receive them late! So feel free to send them in at your earliest convenience.

November 18 - November 21: I will send you your SS number. This will give you a little more than a month to work on your gift! 

December 21 - 28 Post your gift on devART! In your description write who you were drawing for, and what you ended up drawing for them. Note me a link to your gift and then note your recipient as well. (If you post your gift earlier than this for reasons, then PLEASE send the note just to me!)

:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Things to Remember :bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: 

*Try to send in your wish list earlier than the 15th, it ensures that I get it on time. If there's anything I need on your wish list, I can let you know that way too!

* Please make sure to follow the deadlines! If you do not hand in your gift on time, I will stalk you until you give me a reason :l And even then, I'm not sympathetic to people that start late on their gifts and then can't complete them because they're "busy". If it's late, at least let me know! 

*Remember that it's the thought that counts! I expect that everyone tries their best, but remember that not everyone has the same skill or technique. I try to pair up people fairly, but still-- know that this is a Secret Santa open to everyone, so it's not limited to a specific skill. :) Please remain openminded to the gifts that you receive, and DO comment on them! Your SS worked hard to make you happy! :heart: 

Participants' Wishlists

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21) :iconexplodingbomb: www.explodingbomb.deviantart.c…
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23) :iconshady-rainbow: www.shady-rainbow.deviantart.c…
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46) :iconenyce122:…
47) :iconpampam-chan:…
48) :iconnahimee:…
49) :iconmisszengray:…

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